Pa Amusement Safety Seminar

It is no secret that safety is a primary concern to anybody renting an inflatable. You have probably read about or viewed videos about inflatable industry injury statistics if you stumbled upon this article. The good news for you is that there are, to my knowledge only two states that regulate ownership and education of amusement rides, more specifically inflatable rides, and one of them is Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Amusement Safety Seminar is organized by the Pa Department of Agriculture and is a must for owners of inflatable rental companies. The department serves citizens and visitors by enforcing strict safety laws specific to amusement rids and attractions to ensure safety for state fairs, carnivals, amusement parks and rented inflatables.

In Pennsylvania, the Bureau of Rides and Measurement Standards provide consumers with real-time access to the inspection reports for weighing and measuring devices from across the state. By reviewing the inspection records of these devices, consumers can ensure they are getting what they paid for whenever they participate in a commercial transaction.