12′ Retro Rainbow Slide

12' Retro Rainbow SlideCool off from the summer heat with the 12′ Retro Rainbow Inflatable Water Slide. Featuring our most popular color scheme, Retro Rainbow, this inflatable water slide provides fun and excitement to kids of all ages. With its gender neutral colors, this versatile unit can be highly profitable at events catering to girls, boys, or both.

Pictures – 12′ Retro Rainbow Slide

Use this slide without water on a cool day to create some big smiles or simply connect the built-in misting system to a standard garden hose on a hot day and coast into wet refreshment! All of our inflatable wet and dry slides were designed with children’s safety at heart, featuring an inflated landing zone with built-in drains that keep the water level low enough for a good time, but safe enough for kids of all ages.

12' Retro Rainbow Inflatable Water Slide 12' Retro Rainbow Inflatable Water Slide 12' Retro Rainbow Inflatable Water Slide  12' Retro Rainbow Inflatable Water Slide

12′ Retro Rainbow Slide Schematics

12' Retro Rainbow Inflatable Water Slide

Unit Dimensions

Length: 23′
Width: 13’6″
Height: 9′

Unit Information

Weight Capacity: up to 180 pounds
People Capacity: up to 1 people

Rental Requirements

Semi Flat Area
Within 65′ of an electrical source
No overhead obstructions
Dedicated outlet