Pa Amusement Safety Seminar

It is no secret that safety is a primary concern to anybody renting an inflatable. You have probably read about or viewed videos about inflatable industry injury statistics if you stumbled upon this article. The good news for you is that there are, to my knowledge only two states that regulate ownership and education of amusement rides, more specifically inflatable rides, and one of them is Pennsylvania.

The Pennsylvania Amusement Safety Seminar is organized by the Pa Department ...

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Afraid of Potential Bounce House Injuries?

If you are linked to social media in any way you probably saw the bounce house that blew over some one hundred yards this past year. You may have even heard about kids getting injured. And chances are you probably did a back-flip or two in a bounce house as a child even though you were told otherwise.

According to a report by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission approximately 6,000 people are injured every year from the use of inflatables with ...

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Bouncer Related Injuries

According to data compiled by Dr. Gary Smith from the Nationwide Children’s Hospital the number of inflatable bouncer related industries rose roughly 1500% from 1995 through 2010. The findings came from records from the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, which is operated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. In 2010 alone, 31 children on average were treated in emergency departments each day.

So being an inflatable party rental company owner, why am I telling you this? Well it is my belief ...

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