15′ Tidal Wave Slide

Picture of Front

Tackle the wild surf on the 15′ Tidal Wave Marble Inflatable Water Slide. This 15′ tall inflatable water slide is a real crowd-pleaser, providing refreshing fun and thrills to kids of all ages (and maybe a few adults, too). With its gender-neutral colors, this versatile inflatable can be employed for an all-boys or all-girls event, allowing for the potential to double your return on this investment!

Pictures – 15′ Tidal Wave Slide

Try out this inflatable slide on a cool day without water for some fun and entertainment or simply connect a standard garden hose to the built-in misting system and dive into some refreshing relief from the summer heat! All of our inflatable wet / dry slides were designed with children’s safety at heart, featuring an inflated landing zone with built-in drains that keeps the water level low enough for a good time, but safe enough for kids of all ages.

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15′ Tidal Wave Slide Schematics


Unit Dimensions

Length: 27′
Width: 9’0″
Height: 15′

Unit Information

Weight Capacity: up to 200 pounds
People Capacity: up to 1 people

Rental Requirements

Semi Flat Area
Within 65′ of an electrical source
No overhead obstructions
Dedicated outlet