Fire Truck Slide

Fire Truck SlideThe Fire Truck Slide is licensed and registered in Pennsylvania. Please click here for pricing and availability.

With the dimensions of a backyard slide, this unit makes a great item for fund raisers as well as rentals. Actual photographs of real fire trucks were used to create a digital image that looks like the real thing. Amazing photo-realism graphics are really on display with the most requested slides ever created.

Pictures – Fire Truck Slide

The fire truck side is the perfect way to combine fun and healthy activity, and will add value to any Party Rental! With a variety of colors, shapes and themes, our moonwalks offer kids of all ages exciting aerobic activity. Our moonwalks are made safe and secure with lite n strong™, fire-resistant vinyl making it safer, portable and more durable.

Fire Truck Slide - Entrance Fire Truck Slide - From Right Fire Truck Slide - From Front Fire Truck Slide - From Right


Dimensions & Schematics – Fire Truck Slide

Fire Truck Slide Dimensions

Video – Fire Truck Slide

Unit Dimensions

Length: 21’6″
Width: 8’0″
Height: 14’0″

Unit Information

Weight Capacity: up to 300 pounds
People Capicity: up to 2 people
Pa Registration ID

Rental Requirements

Semi Flat Area
Within 65′ of an electrical source
No overhead obstructions
Dedicated outlet