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Inflatable Football Throw Game

Football Throw Game to Rent

The Inflatable Football Toss game, the name says it all. Don’t think this is just for the kiddies though… teenagers and adults can have just as much fun pretending to be their favorite quarterback too. Licensed and registered in Pennsylvania, this inflatable come in brilliant colors of blue, red and of course green for the football field. Please click here for pricing and availability.

Participants take their shot at two separate targets on each side of the inflatable. Play for fun or have a competition, it’s up to you! What a great way to promote healthy exercise and is fun for both children and adults alike.

Football Throw Schematics

Unit Dimensions

Length: 16’4″
Width: 15’4″
Height: 16’0″

Unit Information

Weight Capacity: n/a
People Capacity: 2 to 4 people recommended

Rental Requirements

Semi Flat Area Within 65′ of an electrical source. No overhead obstructions. Dedicated outlet.