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MoonBounce FAQ's

Yes, it depends on the unit. Some units recommend only two riders while others can hold ten. Each unit has the manufacturers guidelines displayed, which contain weight limit and number of riders.

Yes, our commercial grade inflatables are made for people of all shapes and sizes.

Our company policy calls for a cleaning during the setup of your event.

Yes, as long as there is no spacing issues all of our inflatables can be set up indoors. While most of our standard bounce houses are at least twelve feet tall our two indoor units are under eight feet tall.

Yes, we would use sandbags as an anchor as opposed to stakes.

Even if you have the blower on for an entire day it will cost you under $1.

We can almost always work something out.

No, per our insurance we deliver and setup each unit ourselves.

If there is a chance for rain, someone from our company will call you the day prior to discuss options. Postponement is always the best option.

Yes, you can see a copy of our inflatable insurance.